In addition to undertaking many of the functions detailed under Civil Engineering Services the Practice will carry out the design of all structural elements from foundations to superstructures, involving:

  • masonry & brickwork
  • structural steelwork
  • concrete
  • timber
  • other newer and non traditional materials

All to the appropriate British Standards, Codes of Practice and Building Regulations.

Specialising in the design of unique one-off structures

The company is sympathetic to traditional structures, i.e. barns, cottages etc and refurbishments in traditional materials and construction.

Non-traditional and traditional house construction types including brick, timber, steel and concrete

  • Surveys of their condition and instigate remedial works.
  • The practice carries out all types of Structural Surveys on both housing and industrial buildings and structures.
  • Providing structural capabilities of the various elements.
  • Sampling and appraising of concrete components for chloride and carbonation attack.
  • Sampling and appraising wall ties for corrosion and estimation of future useful life expectancy.
  • Recommendation for structural repairs.

The survey and design functions often overlap, between Civil and Structural Engineering and we also have other significant experience in the Commercial & Industrial sectors.